Friday, August 3, 2007

Butler County Commission Picks Fox for CSB

From the Fairfield Echo:
HAMILTON — Michael Fox's former colleagues on the Butler County Commission on Thursday named him executive director of Children Services.

Fox resigned as county commissioner in early May to apply for the job.

"I am very confident Mike will be an outstanding director," Commissioner Gregory Jolivette said. "Mike has exhibited a passion for protecting children throughout his public career."

Commissioners had chosen three finalists from the 14 applicants for the job. The other two finalists had both served as directors of children services agencies in other counties.

Timothy Stolitca, one of the other finalists, was named deputy director by the commissioners.
At least they had the sense to hire someone with competence to back him up...

Mike Fox, enjoy your raise... Commissioners Jolivette, Furmon and Dixon: this is not one I'll soon forget... Competence matters...

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